Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 993!

Boy Scout Troop 993 is part of the Sam Houston Area Council, Mustang District, in West Houston sponsored by Ashford United Methodist Church. Troop 993 is a boy-led troop that is mentored and supervised by adult volunteer leaders. Parents are a very integral part of our troop program. It is through their participation as ASMs and Troop Committee members that we can provide a safe, interesting and varied program. Boys ages 11 - 17 are invited to join our troop. We meet every Monday evening at 7:30 PM at the Scout building behind the Church located at 2201 S. Dairy Ashford Rd, between Westheimer & Whitington.

Regular Meeting - October 5th

Posted on Oct 4 2015 - 10:02pm

Regular meeting on Moday, October 5th - but there is a lot going on. 

FCE starts at 7:00am - and John Henry wants to review all scouts book and understand what you need to work on for next rank.  Please come early and talk to John Henry about what  you need to get done.

Also, see the two announcements below about Quarter Master Gear review, Troop senior leader potential candidates meeting and Philmont camper and potential camper meetigns.  The meeting below are really important!

Also - see meeting about Communication Merit Badge.

Information from Scout Leaders - October 5th

Posted on Oct 4 2015 - 10:01pm

On October 5th, Quartermaster Matthew R. will leave all the lost and found gear outside the Scout Hut. Please look and see if you have anything there. It will all be "recycled" after the meeting is over.

Troop Elections are scheduled for November 2nd.  If you are interested in running for SPL, ASPLM, ASPLO, or Quartermaster, you need to come to the Scout Hut on October 5th at 7:15 to receive important information about the election. If you don't come to the meeting, you will not be running.

Mandatory Philmont Crew Meeting - October 5th

Posted on Oct 4 2015 - 10:00pm

For all scouts/venturers and parents planning to attend Philmont this coming Summer 2016 - or if you are seriously thinking about signing up (there are still about 6 - 8 slots open) - please come a special meeting on Monday October 5th starting at 7:30 pm.  Discussion topics include more details about what to expect, purchasing the right gear, fund raisers to help support the crew and preparing for the trip by practice hikes.  Philmont training hikes will occur on Saturday mornings probably starting in October and eveyone is expected to go 3 times per month - to make sure you are ready.

Communications Merit Badge

Posted on Oct 4 2015 - 10:00pm

Meet on October 5th to discuss requirement 2, and work on requirement 3.

Meet on October 12th to give speech for requirement 3 and work on requirement 4 and 6.

October 19th is ASM/PLC.

Oct 26th execute the training plan built for requirement 6 and do requirement 9.

Make sure that you reach out to Mrs. Grimm by Oct 12th so she can plan for Court of Honor. (donna_mckenzie@ml.com).

Dececember  6th Court of Honor, fulfill requirement 8

Dec 14th final review and sign off all blue cards.  PACKETS MUST BE PRESENTED!

 If you have any questions - contact Mr. Jones at djonesii@yahoo.com.


Court of Honor Deadlines

Posted on Oct 4 2015 - 9:57pm

For those planning to receive your rank advancement badge or merit badge at the next Court of Honor - December 6th - here are the deadlines to plan for:

Two weeks before this date is the week of Thanksgiving - so there is not a Regular Meeting on November 23rd.

All Board of Reviews should be completed and fully signed blue cards should be completed by Monday, November 16th (unless other arrangements are agreed by Michelle Gillespie).  Please schedule all BORs with Mrs. Gillespie at mm.gillesie@hotmail.com.

All Scout Master Reviews should be completed by Monday, November 9th (unless agreed by the Scout Master).

All scouts that want to participate in the Court of Honor ceremony (for Communication MB) - please let Donna Grimm know by October 12th  (donna_mckenzie@ml.com).

Webelos Campout - Camp Mauritz - October 16 -18

Posted on Oct 4 2015 - 9:57pm

The October is all about Fall Recruiting - and hosting our Webelos and any other boys that want to be in Boy Scouts.  All scouts and parents that want to help us host our recruits are welcome!

Reach out to yoru friends and invite them to come to the Troop 993 Campout and Camp Mauritz.  Attached please find Campout announcements and permission slips (for both Troop 993 scouts and Webelos). 

Attached please find information fliers and permission slips for Scouts and Webelos (familes).

Also see and distribute the attached Troop 993 scout brochure.  Its designed for the open house - but useful to share with all potential recruits.

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